Values plus

Our “Values Plus” Program is a unique program that uses effective teaching methods to inculcate timeless values. This integrated program effectively integrates the learning of values and life skills into the curriculum. At the heart of this program, lies a distinct vision of creating global and responsible citizens with a strong belief in our rich Indian culture and values. The Values Plus curriculum is designed based on values recommendations by the NCERT. The classes are interactive, mentors of NIVE use well-mapped lesson plans that are experiential and reflective and students are encouraged to apply these values in their lives, through small activities and initiatives.

Ethics Plus

The Ethics Plus program is designed to bridge the skill gap to enable students to become successful through ethical, conscious choices in their careers. Developed exclusively for Engineering and MBA students, this program, trains them on human values and professional ethics that are essential for a successful corporate career.

The Values Based Leadership Program under Ethics Plus, will present intense concepts that will help them to analyse and reflect on situations, individual decisions and their outcomes and to grow into a conscientious person.  They will learn the tenets of leadership and Interpersonal Relationship Management, which help them to adapt and adjust to the demand and requirement of the workplace and culture.

Nurture Plus

Nurture Plus aims at collaborating with parents to create an environment for all round development of the child.  Our goal is to bring value education in schools to a full circle by engaging parents and thus empowering students.

Through our programs we enable parents

  • To find small ways to connect with their child each day to create long-lasting memories
  • To establish and nurture effective communication with their child leading to greater mutual respect and trust.
  • To be present with their children
  • To be inspiring role models for their children

And much more…

Making value education fun, experiential and reflective!

“It is not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are! -Roy Disney”
“Giving every child an opportunity to showcase their talent; some on a global platform”



Capturing values through various media.
Students are encouraged to express their understanding of values and their application in real life. Through art, photography, story writing and other art forms, the students depict an array of stories around them that speak of values.

Field trips

Field trips are organized to make learning of values experiential and reflective. Lessons on compassion, gratitude, humility and responsibility are learned through outdoor visits and interactions.


Participating in and organizing events give students real life insights into team building, cooperating patience while also experiencing the joy of achievement; a goal, a target


Through activities/youth seva students experience the joy of giving, of creativity, of sharing; not just in kind but also knowledge and experiences. Our program ‘By the students for the students’ engages 9th grade students in activities that help towards the education in government schools.


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